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  1. Thanks to Mr President for intervening in the Ekiti PDP issues for selecting a candidate through consensus before it’s too
    late, but selecting the candidate for the
    Ekiti PDP without any dissenting voice among all the aspirants, leaders, members of the party and supporters.

    PDP should select the candidate from Ekiti South Senatorial District, which catches
    the interest of the majority of Ekiti democrats has not
    since the creation of the state on october 1,1996 by late General Sani Abacha, and Nigeria?s return to democracy, produced a governor.

    It is not new to all, that the two zones
    (Ekiti Central and North) has been controlling the power and affairs of the
    state for 14 years now.
    Otunba Niyi Adebayo (Ekiti Central) 1999-2003
    Mr Ayo Fayose (Ekiti Central) 2003-2006
    Engr Segun Oni (Ekiti North). 2007-2010
    Dr Kayode Fayemi (Ekiti North) 2010-till date.

    There is no better time for Ekiti South Senatorial District to show their prowess of governance in the state than now.

    It is true that zoning of the office of the
    President or Governor is not in Nigeria
    constitution, but it is evidently stated
    in the constitution of the Peoples
    Democratic Party (PDP) so as to ensure
    equity in the distribution of powers. I
    refer to the PDP constitution, Article 7
    subsection 2(c) which stated that, ?in
    pursuance of the principle of Equity, Justice and Fairness, the party
    shall adhere to the policy of ROTATION
    and ZONING of party and public offices
    and it shall be enforced by the appropriate executive committee at all
    levels.? (PDP constitution,1999).
    Therefore, it must be stated point-blank here that there is zoning and rotation every where,
    right from the National level through the various states to Local Government areas and electoral wards
    arrangements across the country. That
    is why we have the state Chairman
    of the party from the North Senatorial District
    and the Minister represents Ekiti state from Central Senatorial District.

    The party constitution provides for the
    rotation of the officers to the
    National, State and local characters of
    geo-political areas in the country. This
    is to ensure that the various posts and
    positions go round all the geo-political
    locations for equity and Fairness.
    Therefore, no side must feel cheated
    and unjustly outwitted.

    Ekiti people, especially PDP SWC, PDP NWC, and the Consensus Committee members selected to produce
    a candidate, should promote peace and stability,
    fairness and equity, that are needed to encourage,
    support and endorse the array of qualified governorship candidates from Ekiti South extraction. It is not
    necessarily because there are no better candidates elsewhere who might
    have strong disposition for the development of the zone, but because it has become absolutely necessary
    to include all sides of our great state in governorship arrangement.

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  3. Towards the end of 2015 Davido was caught in a serious baby abduction story between him and his
    baby mama Sophie Momodu.

    It was alleged that the pop sensation planned to take his baby
    daughter Imade Adeleke to America without the consent of her mother, Sophie.

    Screenshot of Davido at the Airport

    When Sophie’s uncle Dele Momodu shared photos of Davido at the airport allegedly trying to take Imade aboard things went bad for
    the pop star. In the following couple of weeks Davido and
    the Momodu made accusations and counter accusations. The situation became ugly.

    This was definitely not the way Davido wanted
    to usher in the New Year. A few people felt he was to blame for
    the tug of war between him and his baby mama.
    He got a lot of bad press during this period. With his sophomore album shelved without a concrete release date in sight
    Davido’s career looked kind of rocky amidst
    the controversy.

    Wizkid and Davido

    Read more:Davido shares photo of his mansion

    4 months later Davido’s career has turned for the good.
    Without a hit single he (and his arch rival now bestie Wizkid) have held down the first 4
    months of 2016.

    The first turnaround came in the aspect of his music career.
    On January 21, 2016 Davidoinked a deal with American record label Sony Music Global.
    It was good news for the star who has been hinting that a foreign record label was on his heels.

    Davido signs global music deal with Sony BMG

    When he teased the news a few months before people snickered and doubted him.

    Things went from good to better when Fader Magazine released their first ever ‘Global Issue’ withDavido on the cover.
    The pop star went from villain to national
    hero who was taking Nigerian music into North America.

    With that momentum Davido has made other moves that
    has thrown a positive light on him and his career.
    He has made up with his arch rival Wizkid.
    Davido and Wizkid have been on-and-off friends/enemies in 2012 but lately the pair have bonded and now have
    a bromance.

    Linda Ikeji (who Davido has no love for) reported that Wizkid had been given a
    quit notice to leave the mansion he rented in Lekki.
    This news pissed Wizzy and hetook several shots at the blogger.

    Davido shows off his Yeezus with the Confiderate flag

    Read more:Can Davido and Wizkid’s bromance last?

    During this period Davido and Wizkidwere in Congo for a gig and
    the two bonded over their mutual enemy. That was how Omo Baba Olowo squashed his beef with Star Boy which
    many people have wanted him and Wizkid to
    do a while ago.

    Davido was also smart enough to know the artistes under his label HKN
    Music have been mediocre. Shout out to Danagog, B-Red and Sina
    Rambo but they aren’t exactly hit artistes. After restructuring his label Davido has signed two artistes that show potential- Dremo

    Davido inks new deal

    Capping it all up, Davido revealed yesterday (Tuesday, April
    30, 2016) that he hadsigned a 2-year endorsement deal with Pepsi.
    excited singer announced on his Instagram account.


    While Davido is currently on a new wave it all hasn’t been rosy for him.
    Yesterday he was sort ofentangled in a new sex scandal with his former girlfriend.

    Also, Davido has taken new shots at Chief Dele Momoduon a new song by
    Falz titled ‘Bad, Baddo, Baddest’ featuring Olamide.
    Boys will be boys I guess but within the last few months Davido has turned things around.
    We hope he continues to maintain this fine run throughout the year.

  4. Throughout the 1983 elections, Chief Obafemi Awolowo was hosted to a
    city corridor interview in Abeokuta, the place along with
    different pertinent subjects of the day, he spoke on his position within the civil battle,
    the 20-pound coverage, starvation as a weapon, change of forex,
    abandoned property and many others. Collectors merchandise.

    Civil Conflict

    Moderator: Sure Mr…….Mr. Oparadike.

    Query: Chief Awolowo, your stand on the civil battle, nonetheless unpopular it might have been to the Biafrans or Ibo individuals, helped to shorten the warfare.
    Right this moment, you’re being forged as the only real enemy of the Ibo folks due
    to that stand, by amongst others, a few of the individuals who as members of the federal navy authorities at the moment, had been celebration to that call and are at the moment, in some
    circumstances, inheritors of energy in a single Nigeria
    which that call of yours helped to avoid wasting. How do you’re feeling being solid on this position, and what
    steps are you taking to endear your self as soon as once
    more to that giant chunk of Nigerians who really feel embittered.

    AWOLOWO: So far as I do know, the Ibo lots are pleasant to me, in direction of me.
    In reality, every time I go to Iboland, both
    Anambra or Imo, and there’s no campaigning for elections
    on, the Ibo folks obtain me warmly and affectionately.
    However there are some components in Iboland who
    imagine that they’ll maintain their reputation solely by denigrating me, and in order that they carry on telling lies in opposition to me.
    Ojukwu is considered one of them. I don’t need to say the names of the others as
    a result of they’re nonetheless redeemable, however
    ….Ojukwu is irredeemable so I point out his title, and my angle to those lies is one in every
    of indifference, I have to confess to you.

    I’ve learnt to rely utterly on the providence and vindication of Almighty God in a
    few of these items. I’ve tried to elucidate myself up to
    now, however these liars persist. Ojukwu had solely just lately informed the identical lie towards me.
    What’s the purpose in correcting lies when individuals are decided to persist in telling lies towards you?
    What’s the purpose? I do know that sometime
    the Ibos, the lots of the Ibo folks will understand who their mates are,
    and who their actual enemies are. And the day that occurs woe betide
    these enemies. The Ibos will deal with them very roughly, very roughly.

    That has occurred in my life. I’ve a nickname now, in the event you see my letterhead you’ll discover one thing on prime, you’ll discover a
    fish completed on the letterhead. Some individuals put Lion on theirs, some folks put Tiger, however mine is Fish.
    And Fish represents my zodiac signal, these of you who learn the stars and so forth within the newspapers;
    you’ll discover out that there’s a zodiac signal generally known as Pisces, in Latin Pisces
    imply Fish.

    So I put Pisces prime, that’s my zodiac signal being born on the sixth of March,….er effectively,
    the yr doesn’t matter, it’s the day that issues.
    After which on high of it I wrote Eebudola. All of you already know the which means of that.

    You recognize I don’t need to inform an extended story but………………Awolowo faculty, Omo Awolowo, the…… began in Urobo land, in Mid-west in these days.
    They had been ridiculing my colleges, I used to be constructing colleges –brick and cement, to
    DPC stage, block to DPC degree and mud thereafter.
    And so the massive photographs within the place..”ah what sort of faculty is that this? is that this Awolowo faculty? Ineffective school”
    and once they noticed the youngsters..”ah this Awolowo youngsters, they can’t learn and write, Awolowo children”
    that’s the way it began, with ridicule, and it grew to become a blessing, and now they are saying “Awolowo youngsters, they’re good people” no extra
    ridicule about it, that’s the way it began, so the Eebu turns into honor,
    the abuse grew to become honor.

    And so after i look again to all my life, treasonable felony, jail,
    all of the abuses that have been heaped on me, to Coker Inquiry, all kinds, and
    that i see what has occurred to the individuals who led, who led all these denigration marketing campaign, the place are they in the present day?
    These which are alive are what I name Homo
    Mortuus- useless dwelling, oku eniyan, that’s what they’re,
    people who their lives have gone.

    So after i look again, I come to the conclusion that each one
    these abuses which have been heaped on me all my life for doing nothing,
    for doing good, they’ve develop into honor, and so Eebudola is one
    in every of my nicknames. So I’ve cultivated an angle of indifference, I’ve performed no
    evil to the Ibos.

    In the course of the struggle I noticed to it that the income which
    was because of the Iboland- South Japanese states they name it, at
    the moment..East Central State, I saved it, I saved the cash for them.
    And after they ….was liberated I handed over the cash to them- hundreds of
    thousands. If I’d determined to take action, I may have saved the cash away from them after which after they took over I noticed to
    it that subvention was given to them at the speed of 990,000
    pounds each month. I didn’t go to the govt council to ask
    for help, or for approval as a result of I knew if I went to the Govt Council at the moment
    the subvention wouldn’t be authorised as a result of
    there have been extra enemies within the Government Council for the Ibos than associates.

    And since I wasn’t going to take a share from what I used to be going to provide them, and that i knew I used
    to be doing what was proper, I needed the state to outlive, I stored on giving the subvention – 990,000 nearly 1,000,000, each month, and that i did that for different states
    in fact- South japanese state, North central state, Kwara and so forth.

    However I did that for the Ibos, and when the conflict was over, I noticed to
    it that the ACB obtained three and a half million pounds to begin with.
    This was distributed instantly and that i gave one other sum of cash.
    The angle of the consultants, officials on the time of the ACB was that ACB ought to be closed down, and that i
    held the view you couldn’t shut the ACB down as a result of
    that’s the financial institution that offers finance to the Ibo traders, and for those who shut it down they’ll
    discover it troublesome to revive or to outlive.
    So it was given. I did the identical factor for the Cooperative Financial institution of Jap Nigeria, to rehabilitate all these
    locations, and that i noticed to it as Commissioner for Finance that no impediment was positioned in the best way of
    the ministry of financial planning in planning for rehabilitation of the battle affected areas.

    TWENTY POUNDS Coverage
    That’s what I did, and the case of the money they stated was not given again to
    them, you understand throughout the conflict all of the
    pounds had been looted, they printed Biafran forex
    notes, which they circulated, on the shut of the struggle some individuals wished their
    Biafran notes to be exchanged for them. In fact I couldn’t
    try this, if I did that the entire nation can be bankrupt.

    We didn’t learn about Biafran notes and we didn’t know on what
    foundation they’ve printed them, so we refused the Biafran word, however
    I laid down the precept that every one those that had financial savings within the banks on the eve of the declaration of the Biafran battle or Biafra,
    will get their cash again if they may fulfill us that that they had the financial savings there,
    or the money there. Sadly, all of the banks’s books had been burnt, and most of the individuals who had
    financial savings there didn’t have their saving books or their final assertion of account, so a panel needed to be arrange.

    I didn’t participate in establishing the panel,
    it was finished by the Central financial institution and the pertinent officials of the ministry of finance, to look into the matter, they usually went
    rigorously into the matter, they took some months to take action, after which
    made some suggestions which I authorized. Go to
    the archives, all I did was accredited, I didn’t write something greater than that,
    I don’t even remember the title of any of them who took half.
    So I did every part on this world to help our Ibo brothers and sisters throughout and after the battle.
    And anybody who goes again to have a look at my broadcast in August 1967,
    which handled put up-battle reconstruction would see what I
    mentioned there.

    STARVATION Coverage
    Then, however above all, the ending of the conflict itself
    that I’m accused of, accused of starving the Ibos, I did nothing of the type.

    You recognize, shortly after the liberation of those locations, Calabar, Enugu and Port Harcourt, I determined to pay a go to.
    There are particular issues which I knew which you don’t know, which I don’t need to say right here now,
    once i write my reminisces sooner or later I’ll achieve this.
    Among the troopers weren’t truthful with us, they didn’t inform us
    right tales and so forth.

    I needed to be there and see issues for myself, bear in thoughts
    that Gowon himself didn’t go there at the moment, it was after the battle was over that he dorn himself up in varied navy dresses- Air power costume, Military
    costume and so forth, and went to the battle torn areas.
    However I went and a few folks tried to frighten me out of my objective by saying that Adekunle was my
    enemy and he was going to see to it that I by no means return from the place, so I went.

    However once i went what did I see? I noticed the
    kwashiorkor victims. When you see a kwashiorkor sufferer you’ll by no means like warfare to be waged.
    Horrible sight, in Enugu, in Port Harcourt, not many in Calabar, however primarily
    in Enugu and Port Harcourt. Then I enquired what occurred to the meals we had been sending to the civilians.
    We had been sending meals by way of the Crimson Cross, and
    CARITAS to them, however what occur was that the automobiles carrying the meals have been all the time ambushed by
    the rebel troopers. That’s what I found, and the meals would then be taken to the troopers to feed them, and so that they had been capable of proceed to combat.
    And that i stated that was a really harmful coverage, we didn’t intend the meals
    for troopers. However who will go behind the road to cease the
    troopers from ambushing the autos that have been carrying the meals?
    And so long as troopers had been fed, the conflict will proceed, and who’ll proceed to endure?
    And people who didn’t go to the place to see issues as I did, you remember that
    every one the large guns, all of the troopers within the Biafran military appeared all properly fed after the struggle,
    its solely the mass of the those who suffered kwashiorkor.

    You won’t hear of a single lawyer, a single physician, a single
    architect, who suffered from kwashiorkor? None of their youngsters both, in order that they waylaid the foods,
    they ambush the autos and took the foods to their buddies and to their
    collaborators and to their kids and the plenty had been suffering.
    So I determined to cease sending the meals there.
    In the method the civilians would endure, however
    the troopers will undergo most.

    CHANGE OF Foreign money

    And it’s on report that Ojukwu admitted that two issues defeated him on this conflict, that’s as on the day he left
    Biafra. He mentioned one, the change of forex, he mentioned
    that was the very first thing that defeated him, and we did that to forestall
    Ojukwu taking the cash which his troopers have stolen from our Central financial institution on the
    market abroad to purchase arms. We found he looted our Central financial institution in Benin, he looted the one in Port Harcourt, looted the one in Calabar and he was taking
    the forex notes abroad to promote to earn overseas trade to purchase arms.

    So I determined to alter the forex, and on your profit, it will possibly now be advised the entire world,
    solely Gowon knew the day earlier than, the day earlier than the change befell.
    I determined, solely three of us knew earlier than then- Isong now
    governor of Cross River, Attah and myself.
    It was a carefully guarded secret, if any commissioner on the time say that he knew about it, he’s solely boosting his personal
    ego. As a result of when you inform somebody, he’ll inform one other particular person. So we refused
    to inform them and we modified the foreign money notes.
    So Ojukwu mentioned the change in foreign money
    defeated him, and starvation of his troopers additionally
    defeated him.

    These had been the 2 issues that defeated Ojukwu. And, he jogs
    my memory, while you noticed Ojukwu’s image after the warfare, did he appear to be somebody who’s not effectively fed?
    However he has been taking the meals which we ship to civilians, and so we stopped the meals.


    After which lastly, I noticed to it that the homes owned by the Ibos in Lagos and on this aspect, had been stored for them.
    I had an property agent buddy who informed me that certainly one of them collected half one million pounds
    rent which has been saved for him. All his rent had been collected, however since we didn’t seize their homes, he got here again and collected half one million pounds.

    So that’s the place. I’m a buddy of the Ibos and the mass of the Ibos are my
    buddies, however there are particular parts who wish to
    proceed to deceive the Ibos by telling lies towards me, and at some point, they’ll uncover after which that day will likely be horrible for these who’ve been telling the lies.

    Supply: Nigeria Village Sq.. Copied from Vickie Owodunni’s wall on African Outlook.

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